Unusual problem's

So I'm facing problem that exists over a year while I'm using windows 7, problem appears while playing full screen games and at the same time using internet talking programs such as Raid-call, Team-speak, Ventrilo. What happens.. first of all you can notice it on the keyboard, caps lock light stuck's (p.s using caps lock as a bind to talk), and after that it's matter of 5 minutes PC will start lagging more and more.. and after 10 minutes it becomes unplayable.. even sound is lagging as hell.
btw this appears really randomly, sometimes it can happen few times per day, sometimes there is no problem for days..
p.s changing mic not helping.

Another problem is even more stupid. PC freezes randomly from nowhere doesn't matter what you do..and only reset button helps. Sometimes that happens 1-3 times per week.. sometimes couple times per day, sometimes there is no problem for weeks.. I might have suspicions it's motherboard, but couldn't find anything that help's

E8400 3ghz
4gb corshair rams
gf GTS 250 1gb
asus p5q SE

Thanks in advance :)

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