Unusual Win7 Internet Problem

Do you have the same kind of Problem?

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*This problem occurs only in Win7
I've Win7 x64
I've ASUS Motherboard, so I've installed ASUS AI Net ;)
I've 256 KBps Broadband connection :cool:
I manually connect to Internet with username & password
I start my Torrent downloads @ 2:00 AM everyday till 8:00 AM
And let the computer download torrents, and I keep the PC in AI Nap mode :cool:
*Internet doesn't get disconnected in AI Nap mode
*Usually the connection disconnects & again reconnects automatically from time to time

The Problem :confused:

But in the above mention period, the connection reconnects when it gets disconnected, but data transfers doesn't occur after reconnectioin. And in morning, when I get out of AI Nap mode & try do disconnect @ 8:00 AM, the disconnect button doesn't work. I've to restart the PC to connect to internet. Then everything works just fine.
But again in the other night, when I do the same thing, I get the same problem.
It's more like a curse to me from MS.

My Question

How do I get rid of this problem?
*Mention any other alternative other than not using AI Nap mode. Because I love AI Nap mode

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