Up and down arrow keys do not display contents of folders

In windows 7 using windows explorer the up and down arrow keys do not work to display the contents of file folders. The arrow keys move the focus to the next folder in the left hand window but does not display its contents in the right hand window. Using XP and all previous versions of windows (after the introduction of the mouse) this was possible.

Is this just my installation or has this feature been removed like the "remember each folder's view settings"?

I have a large database in Access and the folder tree that it accesses is huge. Using the arrows instead of the mouse saves time and is bore ergonomically friendly to my hand.


Noob Whisperer
As you seem to be finding out Windows 7 is not Windows XP.
Trying using
up and down arrows to navigate the "left hand window" actually the navigation pane.
use the left and right arrows to expand or collapse
and the space bar to expose the contents.

OK, thanks! The space bar works to display contents. BUT WHY?! Here again is an extra step to do the same work. Booo microsoft.

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