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Hello again,

I have Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v1909 on this machine.

Windows Update tells me I am up-to-date, and below that it tells me v2004 is coming.

It's been coming for over two months now. Is there some setting around Update that I may have set to prevent it working ?

The other machine which also runs 10 Pro has been updated to 2004 for some time now.

Is this sort of delay not excessive ?

That said, I don't want to force the update as I'm quite happy with 1909 as there's little in 2004 that I want or need.




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Microsoft usually staggers the upgrades. You can just download the install ISO and manually upgrade if you like or just wait until they enable it via Windows Update.


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Is there some setting around Update that I may have set to prevent it working ?
For that you'll have to check in your settings. Go to settings, update, advanced options and see if you made any changes in there. In particular with feature updates. If not then as Meemobeer stated.....MS is staggering the update.

If you wish to update manually with out the ISO you can do so. This method is called the upgrade path.You just go to the MS link provided and then click update now. I have done this on my old setup and it worked just fine for me. Or do as suggested above and use the ISO and manually update or clean install.

Personally, I would use MS MCT to create a bootable usb of 20H1 just to have one ready and handy. Then do the upgrade path. Then after a few weeks and your system is working well....then use the bootable USB to do a clean install.



The pandemic caused the project to update Windows to delay itself.
They would probably release the updates combed together with the next update.
As the next update cycle is not far away.

I registered myself for Insider's preview and I must tell you the experience was bitter.
It broke a lot of things on my laptop so I rolled back to the earlier stable version.