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So today i had a new update for windows and i thought that it would be just another update. but it wasnt it restarted to finish th e update then this error "there was a problemas configurating th e windows actualizations. Reverting chang e. Dont turn off your computer". Its been 2 hours and still nothing. Can anyone help me out?


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I don't run any language packs, but it looks from my research, the problem might be related to a language situation. Maybe someone else will know, but if you are running another language, are there special procedures for doing certain updates?

Do you happen to know which update caused the problem? I think my system had 11 updates with one important and one optional update not checked. So I just installed the original 11. Then I installed the one important update, which happened very fast, and then the optional update, which took a little more time and did require a restart.


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Well after about 5 hours it loaded cinto the home screen.
Thing is, nos I got exactly 100 updates ( its a new laptop ) to do bit im nota site if i should update it or not since it could cause the saem problem


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Do NOT download and install ALL of them.

Install a small batch of updates, like 10 at one time.
It will take like forever, but that is the best way.

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