Update Nightmare

My auto update 9/11/2014 has cause my IE to stop working, Explorer opens but wont connect to internet. I went ahead and manually uninstalled all the updates, then restarted computer and IE works fine. If you can suggest what I need to do so I can install these critical updates.


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Mine is a Win 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit.
I have installed 12 updates today and there is no issue on my IE10. ( not IE11).
Based on Win 7 version and programs installed, you might have a slightly different batch of updates than mine.
Screen shot at the end shows my 12 updates I installed today.

If you conclude that one of the updates is the culprit. I have a suggestion which might be too tedious for you to accept.
Your post indicates you have Windows Updates set at Manual.
Install the updates ONE AT A TIME, check your IE. If IE works fine, install the next update, check your IE...... and so on.
IF you assumption is correct, you will be able to single out the actual update that causes the problem. You can then uninstall that one, "hide" it when it shows up again for install, post back for a solution.

screenshot of my 12 updates.....


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In line with David: I have my updates set at "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them".

Installing several updates is risky, although I did have 12 of them installed the other day. To be honest, it's a poker play. Sometimes updates cause problems, like the latest Google Chrome did - 3 or 4 days later Microsoft came with updates, and the problems were solved. The issue is, one updates > it causes trouble, others take time... when they get it done, things work.

A wonderful world, yes, but not a perfect one.


Thanks David, and yes those are the same updates, when I have time this weekend I will try each one. I am sure that it has to be that 41 MB one, so will start with the others.

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