Windows 7 Updated video drivers, now windows cant start.


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Jan 30, 2009
Hello all, I installed the Nvidia drivers that was stickied on this forum.Well the install seemed to go just fine.It said I needed to restart for changes to take affect.Well upon restart windows restart again , then a screen came up to select to try and repair the selected problems preventing windows from starting. No luck at all there.So now windows 7 will not start up and I did not make a restore point.

Even if I reinstalled what went wrong and caused this issue, should I reinstall and try again?

Also my Linksys 10/100 ethernet adapter card is being recognized but will not install the drivers, every driver i have tryed it said something about a line the INF missing.There are no vista drivers.

When windows 7 comes out I plan to buy , but only if my pc and hardware is compatible.I really like the new OS features and looks.

hmm go to boot options and try to repair your system. if that doesnt work i suggest you try and re isntall. if you just installed it you probably wont miss much files anyway.

Yea I think I have tried what you mentioned.It did some repair thing and said it wasn't successful and gave me another window for windows restore and a few other options cant remember what.I had no restore point so only option was repair but failed.

I dont care if I loose the windows 7 install, nothing important there.Now that im back in xp, its not showing my slave hard drive.It had 2 partitions for backup and a small partition i made for w7 ?? :eek:

Boot into safe mode by pressing F8 before the boot screen.
Install different drivers, then reboot.

I tried booting into safe mode but that did not work.It just restarted my computer after the windows loading screen.I don't understand how installiing video drivers made windows 7 os to mess up.

Not only windows 7 tho my whole hard drive, cause windows xp not is not seeing the hard drive windows 7 was installed to.It worked and xp seen the w7 partition and my backup partition just fine, but now its not.I really hope we can figure this out cause there was alot of important info on back up partition.

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Anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue ? I really need to get to my backup partition but its not showing in my computer anymore.Windows 7 is still a boot option and I can boot to the repair windows thing, so my hard drive is being seen in bios.Windows 7 repair option had to of messed it up or something.