becarefull of updates coz my windows 7 7057 was running smooth as hell until i updated now everything keeps becoming unresponsiv and its annoyin as hell and the hard drive has random fits where it randomly slows it down which is a pain in the ass when ur tryin to play cod4 online

Build 7057 is known for being sh!tty anyway.. ;) It's not just the updates causing that.. it's just a crappy build.. that's one reason daily builds aren't supposed to be used by the general public.. ;) I'd suggest getting a different build or just waiting for the RC to be officially released... :)

What else - it will allways be better to do clean install, not upgrade


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When you do System Updates from Microsoft, automatically creates restore point, which you might want to go back and do a restore.

If the updates were from other sources, you should always manually create a restore point and this will undo it also.

I always create a restore point when making an major updates just for that reason

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