Updating image preview for shortcuts

Hi all
I have noticed that if I change the content of a picture,the preview of the original file does change,but not the preview of the shortcut

For example-
I created a new PNG file in "New Folder",called Yellow.PNG - Yellow.PNG is a picture of a yellow Square
Then,I created a shortcut for Yellow.PNG in "New Folder 2"
The preview for both is yellow square...
Then I decided to open Yellow.PNG and change it from yellow square to red square,and save
The preview image for Yellow.PNG is now red,but the preview image for "shortcut to Yellow.PNG" is still yellow

Pictures to make myself more clear-



Is it a bug with my system? with Windows 7 as a whole? or is there a option to change it?


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No it's not a bug. The previews are held in cache to speed up the system. You need to clear the cache to force the system to refresh it from the changed picture. More details about cache and clearing here:


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You can also open the folder properties. I will assume you have customized it to show pictures, so you can select a file to show on the folder icon. If you reselect the file, it should update.

Seems this should work even if it is not a Pictures folder.

Thanks for the replies,I cleaned the cache
And now the shortcuts thumbnails are updated...however the problem still remains
Isn't there a way to force the thumbnail refreshing manually? or better yet,automaticly?
If it does update automaticly for the original files,why not for shortcuts?

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