Upgrade 8 of 11 is several hours?


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Windows 7 Home Premium is presently doing an upgrade and 8 of 11 is taking 5 hours so far, on a fast laptop (intel i7, 64 bit) and high speed internet. The upgrade started when I tried to shutdown the computer. The machine had been previously operating 8 hours per day for the last week. My questions:
1) Can this be something other than a legitimate upgrade? Or is Microsoft really issuing something massive this weekend?
2) The upgrade seizes control of the machine. Is there a way to take back control?

Joe S

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Low end PC's can take a very long time to upgrade. Personally I'd do a clean install and save a lot of aggravation that many people face after doing an upgrade. Problems are plentiful with a lot of upgrade. Just look at some of the posts here.


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Sorry, I meant to say it's an update not upgrade. One of those updates that Windows does on it's own. That's why I am surprised at the time involved.

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