Upgrade fails: device driver missing

During expansion of Windows files the upgrade aborts with 'device driver missing' - no other info is displayed. Had upgraded all my drivers before commencing the upgrade. Any pointers will be appreciated.

Check in the device manager for any unknown devices marked yellow.

no yellow flagged entries in device manager.


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Are you installing a RAID setup or have a Nvidia chipset motherboard?

Yes! When I did my driver upgrades on my home PC it installed Marvel Raid software/driver?? I don't have Raid. Should I unistall? Am at the office now. My PCs at home and the office are the same. I see on my office PC that Marvell61xxMRU is installed so it might be the same case at home.

My graphics card is now a Radeon although I did have an Nivida card. Swapped the cards between my office and home systems because of unrelated problems sometime ago

Thank you for your response.


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If you are not running a RAID, do you have it turned on in the bios?

Some boards have two controllers and probably need drivers for both, but not necessarily
RAID. It may be an AHCI driver that is needed, depends on the motherboard.

The Nvidia drivers I was referring to are not video drivers, but some motherboards have Nvidia chipsets and need additional drivers, or at least that how it appeared during some of the early Win 7 installs. If your motherboards have Intel chipsets or AMD, these drivers are not necessary.

You might try turning off whatever you can in the bios and make sure to unplug any devices you can to see if you can get past the driver issue. If you still have a workable OS, you might see if you have a Panther directory and look for setupact.log.

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