Upgrade from 32-bit Windows 7 to 64-bit Windows 7

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I bought my computer about 2 years ago, and I also got the Windows 7 Home Preimium 32-bit version. So I recently started looking at the specs for Skyrim and realized that i needed 4 GB of RAM to play the game on high. So I actually have 4 GB of RAM byt my 32-bit system limits it to 3, therefore I want to upgrade to the 64-bit version to utlilize all of my RAM, but how do i do this? :confused: I also have an AMD Dual-Core processor (3.0 GHz) that i think is able to run Win 7 64-bit


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First, check the specs for your processor to make sure it is capable of 64 Bit. If so, a clean install is required to change Bitness of Win 7. If your Win 7 32 Bit OS was a retail version, it should have come with both a 32 Bit and a 64 Bit disk. If so your key will unlock either or, not both. You have to Clean Install directly over the 32 Bit install. If it was an OEM install, it only has a 32 Bit edition. If so your key will only unlock the 32 Bit edition. In this case you would need to purchase another copy. The Anytime Upgrade may work for this.

In either case load the DVD and install Win 7. When asked, install directly into the same partition as your original 32 bit Win 7 install. When you install Win 7 directly over another OS (including Win 7) a folder is created in the root drive called windows.old. This folder contains the entire old OS and can be opened and data copied or dragged directl into the new OS. Unfortunately the apps will all have to be reinstalled as well.

I'll 2nd that or "what he said". Ted's answer or mine, always so similar, just seems to depend which of us sees or gets to the query 1st, lol... oh well, keeps me amused.

Guess, maybe, it doesn't take much, it would seem, eh? :p


Thats what I thought... Yes, I just bought the 32-bit version, no 64-bit version was included. My friend has a Win 7 64-bit version disk with three installs, he has used two of them, and I guess I can get that one. Only problem is that his father want's it too xD

Well thanks for confirming my thought, and have a nice day ^^

You're welcome


Okay, so I got Windows 7 Home Premium from my friend, and it has both the 32/bit and the 64/bit disc, but it has a small box sayig something like: "Upgrade. Developed for Windows Vista(R)*" But I'm quite sure that doesn't matter, since the box also says: "all editions of widows vista and xp is qualified for upgrade" So... I have already formated my computer once after 32-bit's first install (with the same disc) and now I wish to do the same, just with the 64-bit version. I have tried to start the disc while running windows, but it failed (quite obvious since im running 32-bit) So I started my computer with the disk in, and nothing happened... Tried again, this time tapping spacebar, and something happened. Got up a list of alternatives, but none of them was of use.
So what do I do? I probably just need to boot windows from the CD, but I have no idea of how to do it...

Go to the BIOS & set the boot order to boot from the CD ROM 1st. Cold start the machine w/ the OS disc in & you will get a black screen saying hit any key to boot from CD

And you then select "Custom Install"


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Currently trying to get access to my BIOS, but Im failing... when i coldstart my computer, it only comes up with a picture, and then it starts loading windows 7. Argh! Have been trying to figure this out for several hours now >:C

Hit the Delete button as the machine is starting up should get it to the BIOS

Tried hitting the delete button, still failing... Maybe i should upload some pictures, or a video if that would help

Varies from brand to brand; might be F12 or F1

Varies from brand to brand somewhat sometimes; try F12 or maybe F1 or F2

Also on some intial screen comes up w/ info saying what to hit to get Boot Order

& yes, screen shots might help


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