Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit

I got an old laptop that used to belong to my dad, it was originally a vista machine, then he upgraded it to win 7. I was doing some basic maintenance, and noticed that the laptop had 4gigs of ram installed, but could only use two, since it was 32 bit. Which then lead me to believe that it was originally a 64bit comp, but then my dad used the wrong upgraded disc when upgrading to 7. So what I'm asking is; is there a way to directly upgrade it to 64bit? If not, I think there are still some backups from it's vista period, so I could restore to that point and then re-upgrade to win7, in 64bit. If that's possible.

hey, I think it's best to de-upgrade and then check the type of the system. Even if it's 32bit there's a chance you will be able to upgrade it to 64bit. In case not you can do a fresh install for 64bit if you really want..

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