Upgrade from Vista to Win 7 is awesome, but now ...

I upgraded my system from Vista 64-bit to Win 7 64-bit two weeks ago. It was a full system upgrade and I have been astonished at how easy it was and how well my system was running.... until a boatload of updates installed yesterday and now it's crawling.

The following automatic updates were all performed yesterday:

Is there something wrong with one or more of these updates? I was so pleased, but am now pulling my hair out.


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It looks like they are security updates for mostly Windows, but also IE 8. If you think it is one of the updates, you can uninstall them using the programs and features area of the control panel. Open that and then click on View Installed Updates.

As far as I know, there does not seem to be known problems with them.

You can check you system to see what might be using CPU time with the Task Manager or even the Performance Monitor. Can you tell exactly what is crawling? Is it the entire system or just the internet connection. Maybe something is trying to access the internet and causing delays while trying.

Everything was crawling; Office 2007, my password vault, IE and Internet browsing. My machine was basically not usable. I uninstalled all the updates and it's fine now. I guess I'll have to install them back one at a time until I find the one that caused the problem. I'm not inclined to do that any time soon, though. :razz:


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I guess I'll have to install them back one at a time until I find the one that caused the problem.
That's the way (it shouldn't take long!). If you haven't already done it I'd set your Windows update to notify you of updates but let you chooes which ones to install. Amongst other things I always reject any device driver updates, preferring to check directly with the manufacturer's website now and again to get updates directly from them.

I also had an Adobe Flash upgrade happen around the same time. I was using Photoshop CS4 quite a bit last night and had numerous occasions of PS just refusing to respond. <sigh>

I have an Intel Core2 Quad 4, 2.67 GHz 64-bit machine with 4 GB RAM. Would upgrading to 8 make a noticeable difference with things like Photoshop and Lightroom?

I thought things were better, but they're not. The system will just freeze up often, with 5 seconds going by without it responding to a mouse click or keyboard. I'll get the "not responding" message on the app title bar. It doesn't matter what app. The entire system just isn't responding properly.

What should I be watching as a monitor or provide as more information?

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