Upgrade From Vista to Windows 7 32bit Professional


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In Vista i had a user directory named Michael.
When i upgrade to Windows 7 from vista a new user directory appear named Michael.000
Could somebody help me how to rid off the new directory?, what shuold i have to do in my registry?
Some program use Michael and some use Michael.000 which confused me,
The new dirctory michael.000 have a lock icon as well
Thanks in advance for your assistance

take ownership of that directory and delete it should work


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Thanks, The point is that this directory exist a while ago and contain some updates i have.
Can i copy all the updates from michael.000 to michael?, what about the registry? do i have to change all the keys from michal.000 to michael?

Yep, sure, copy over what you need then delete it - no need to fumble with the registry at all!
Once you want all old Vista gone use Disk Cleanup/System and check deleting ol' Vista stuff and everything will be gone

In a sense a clean install is quicker than an upgrade :D


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Sorry, i asked about registry since every software intalled it used michael.000 directory

I assume michael.000 is an old Vista backup folder and you got everything in 7 under michael!? - if so you can just delete it as all files should be in place under michael


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No michael.000 is the new under windows 7 it is not shown under user accounts (only michael, but in some place it is defined since for third part software it has been used)

the 7 user account name is your primary username under 7 - if there is no user account michael.000 then it is a Vista relict (so to say)

sounds all a bit fishy too me - do you mind a clean wipe and install 7 from scratch? would definitely solve the issue ;)

okay late here in Ostraya I am off..

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