Upgrade from Vista

Hi, I would really like to do a fresh install but then I won't have the software that came preinstalled on my hp laptop that I would like to keep using and yes the upgrade adviser says that my software will work with win7.

I'm thinking that I will backup and then use my restore cd's to put it back to the factory image and upgrade from there if there will be any benefit from doing this, like not so much junk in the registry etc.

What does anyone think, I probably could get some freeware stuff that will do the same as the software that I'd like to keep but sometimes the freeware doesn't do everything so well.

Should I go fresh or will it not be so bad to go back to factory image and immediately upgrade to win7?


Is there any advantage to taking my laptop back to the factory image and then upgrade as opposed to just upgrading so I can use the preinstalled software from hp or should I just do a clean install?


A couple of ideas. If you clean install you'll get a faster performing machine as all of the junk files will be deleted. Never performed an os upgrade but I would guess some programs would need to be reinstalled. Yet, if microsoft said those programs will run ok in an upgrade I'd guess your ok with those programs.

Check microsofts utility upgrade download will check which programs are ok and which need your attention.


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My Windows 7 laptop is on its way to me, and I currently have a Vista 64-bit laptop. If I moved the "Program Files" and "Program Files x86" folders from an external backup to the Win7 laptop, would the files (i.e., Skype, Norton, CCleaner, etc.) transfer over instead of downloading them separately?

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