Upgrade Install Fails


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I'm using a downloaded version of windows 7 home premium 32 bit to upgrade a Dell inspiron 1520 laptop that currently is running windows vista home premium 32 bit.

Everything goes fine, it doesn't find any driver or program compatibility issues or anything (well it did, but I fixed them), and it does everything up until the point where it has to restart.

Then it restarts, gets to a screen with a fancy teal background where it says something like "Setting up installation" for a little bit and then an error message pops up saying "Windows 7 failed to install" and I can click okay, which causes it to restart.

And then it will keep trying to install windows 7 every time it restarts unless I tell it to boot with vista, at which point it successfully returns to vista. I can then go into msconfig and tell it not to try and go into the windows 7 setup on boot.

I have tried re-downloading the OS once already and am doing so a second time right now. I have also checked my drivers, windows update, and made sure no peripherals where plugged in or background apps were running during installation. I previously thought the problem might be related to a virtual drive I was using but I have since done a clean uninstall of the related software and made sure the drivers for it and registry traces were gone.

I doubt it is a hardware issue because I have met people with identical hardware to mine that have done the exact same upgrade.


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Let us know how you get on with the download your doing now and if still no good we'll explore some possibilities..