Upgrade issues

First off I apologize if the question that im about to ask is a repeat. That said, here we go... I have an ASUS laptop that came with a windows 7 upgrade. I am currently running Vista Home Premium 64bit. The upgrade is to Win7 64bit. The install starts as I imagine that it should and runs for a while, but when it comes to the point that it should move to the step that says "expanding windows files" it always stops. Doesnt freeze the computer but it just sits idle saying please wait. The last time that I tried to run the upgrade, I let it sit for 24 hours on that screen thinking that maybe a little time would cure the ails. I am not super tech savvy and am hoping that someone out there has an idea that doesnt involve me pulling everything out of my C drive and doing a total clean install. If this makes sense to anyone and you have a thought that might help me get through this, please let me know.



Joe S

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Search here and find help on doing a CLEAN INSTALL with upgrade disk you will save yourself a lot of frustration. You will have to back up important files and reinstall software. I'd partition the HD and move data there but back it up. If you look there a lot of people here with bad upgrades looking to fix all kinds of problems. Success rate for upgrades is fairly low.

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