upgrade OEM vista hoe premium

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  1. I have an HP laptop that has OEM vista home premium
    I can create recovery disks that contain the OS (and all the bloatware and drivers)
    if I do a clean install of vista ultimate (legit license key) i have to reinstall all the drivers manually
    is there some way of integrating the drivers (and the HP help system, and system monitoring tools which are not as bad as the norton and other bloatware) into a vista ultimate disk so all will install at once?
    i see 6 .wim files on the rescue disks all about 64 MB the size of a CD but I have been for some reason unable to mount them using imagex
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    You could try this free ISO creator (if you manage to get the stuff you want onto a disk)
    Freeware download
  3. Re: upgrade OEM vista home premium

    i was able to install the windows AIK but I could not mount the .wim files using either the GUI nor the command based imagex. I was able to do a dir with imagex and hundreds of files scrolled by but i was still ubable to mount the image. any help or thoughts appreciated

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