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is there any news on the upgrade programs? i'm running windows xp and was hoping for a discount. also, my dad is running vista and can't stand it, so it looks like he'll be wanting to upgrade, too. is there any possibility of being able to use one copy across the board? operating systems are expensive....


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Actually, I would never consider an upgrade, because it leaves hundreds of files left behind which are on no use anymore.

Microsoft will probably allow you to format the hard drive, then do a clean install, as they have with every version of Windows to date if I remember correctly.

That's the best route to go.

i didn't mean upgrade like upgrade installation. i meant upgrade like a program by microsoft that will let you purchase 7 for a discounted price after qualifying.


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Sorry for the misinterpretation

Not according to the EULA. It can only be installed on one computer .

You would need multiple license to put it on my that one computer.

But, then again, the rumors are circulating that the pricing schemes will be less expensive so people can put Vista in the trash can.

once again, no. i mean like i have windows xp on my computer. will microsoft be offering a program to buy Windows 7 at a discounted price if you qualify? such as if you're running a certain service pack or if you recently bought a computer.


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Please check out these links...don'y know how valid they are. They appear to be upgrades for Windows Vista users, not XP users.

Vista buyers could get free Windows 7 upgrade - VISTA.BLORGE

Buy a Vista PC as of July 1, upgrade to Windows 7 for free - Vista Forums

Lifehacker - Buying Vista This Summer Could Mean a Free Windows 7 Upgrade - windows 7

Hope I got it right this time

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