Upgrade question (clean install)

I want to clean install from a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Upgrade disc. I currently am running Vista 32bit. When I get to the Drive Options, what should I do:

1) Select my existing partition and format
2) Delete the existing partition and create a new partition

is there any difference between these options?

Thanks Drew. One more question though, will the product activation still work? I know people are running into problems with that. I am supposed to have a previous version of Vista or XP, and if I delete my partition, it might not recognize that...or does it still recognize it?


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The Windows 7 "clean" install will format the drive for you.


Yes, it will. Remember, I said activate the \"Upgrade\", not the \"Custom\"
Huh? I'm doing a custom install, aka a clean install, and reformatting (or deleting the partitions I currently have). So I'm wiping everything. So no, there isn't an OS in there when I do the install, is there? Keep in mind I'm booting from the DVD. So I'm worried that if I don't do this exactly right, I'll end up in this situation: What do I do if my Windows product key isn't accepted?


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Sorry, just noticed after the Upgrade Question in your first post, you indicated a "clean" install.


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Drew, sorry, but I disagree

You don't have to jump through all those hoops.

Even if it's an Upgrade disk, you simply choose the Advanced box on install.

Be aware, though, you'll need to re-install all your 3rd party applications.

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