Upgrade question

Hi all

I know i can upgrade from vista to 7 but what i want to do is keep the recovery partition for vista in place on the hard drive and format drive C to do a clean install of windows 7.

Is this possible or will windows 7 alter the recovery partition when i install.

Thanks in advance.

No, it should only affect the drive where you tell it to take up residence.

Drew is once again absolutely correct the only thing I can add is that in the interest of safety you could run the recovery disc creation program from your all programs menu this way you have two options in case the unthinkable happens.

Thanks guys, i will give it a go tomorrow as i cant stand vista now that i have been playing with 7 for a while.

I went into the disc creation software and it says it was going to take 2.5 hours to create 4 dvd's so i just used an external hard drive, as this is just to tide me over until i get my free copy of 7 from samsung, then i will get rid of the vista recovery partition.

That will work too good idea! Always better safe than cursing and throwing stuff!

Now here is a strange twist, i got my new laptop yesterday and in the box was a leaflet telling me how i go about upgrading to windows 7 when its released. Upon further checking i have found out i cant order the upgrade until December the 1st 2009 which i find totally crazy.

I have sent an email off asking for a reason for this date and i will be interested to hear why. If i dont hear by begining of next week then i will get on the phone to Samsung.

Anyone have any idea's as to why it is December.


Just an educated guess but I'll bet it's to give Samsung as much time as possible to get third party or in this case fourth party vendors to get driver support up to speed.

Ok i actually spoke to a Samsung rep today, I decided to ring them and he told me the reason for this date was to ensure that windows 7 will work on Samsung products before they ship it out.
Also it will give them time to update all of the software tools that come with these notebooks as well, like the display manager and similar software. He also told me that there is a possibilty that the date will be brought forward if they have things ready earlier.
I gave him my serial number and he did confirm that my notebook does indeed qualify for the free upgrade to home premium.

Good news.

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