Upgrade router? A wireless g and wireless n question

When copying files over a wireless network, between an XP laptop with a wireless g card and a Win 7 laptop with a wireless n card, will I notice any speed improvements by upgrading my current wireless g router to a wireless n router?

In other words, will the entire wireless n machine -> router -> wireless g machine pathway slow down to the speed of the slowest machine, or will the wireless n -> router leg of the journey keep its higher-speed potential?

Thanks in advance.


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Yes, the 802.11n router to the 802.11n pc wil communiate at n speeds whilst the 802.11g pc will communicate at g speed. Even so, if you are sending a file form the g pc to the n pc the it simply means that the n connection will be idle waiting for the data - the total transmission time will not be improved.

Ok, thanks.

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