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Windows 7 Upgrade to new boot drive Win 7 Pro?


New Member
Feb 5, 2013
Hi All: I have a Win 7 Pro installed on a 1-TB hard drive, with two partitions: 200-gig for "C:" and the rest for "E:"

I have a separate 1-TB drive that I'm using to back up the entire drive using Windows Backup. Both drives are on an internal SATA-3 bus.

I was thinking about improving the performance by installing a striped array of two 128-gig SSDs, and using them as my boot drive.

Would it be possible to pull the boot drive, install Win 7 Pro on SSD array, then restore just the 200-gig "C" partition from the backup drive using Windows Backup? Or am I on the express track to FUBAR?

Alternatively, I could replace the 1TB drive with two regular 500-gig SATA drives, and restore onto that from Windows Backup, but I would rather use the SSDs for the striped array.