Upgrade Windows 7 home premium to Windows 7 ultimate

When we upgrade Windows 7 home premium to Windows 7 ultimate, do we need to reinstall applications?

When upgrading it should ask you to either:

Upgrade: Just upgrade your current operating system with the current files you have now


Custom: Upgrade your current operating system and delete all your files.

When upgrading you should have bought a disc that has the operating system you want on it, the disc that came with your computer is just a recovery disc in case anything goes wrong


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Or open up windows anytime upgrade, insert the key and follow the steps. This method don't lose your files. Make sure you got a LEGAL key.


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Upgrades can often cause more problems than they're worth. Programs won't work, the system can be slow. I find the best way to install is to do a clean install, without formatting. Your old installation will be moved to a folder called windows.old on your hard drive, which you can access to move your personal files over to your new installation, and then you can go into the Program Files folder and be presented with a list of applications to reinstall. Once you're done that, run disk cleanup as an admin and use it to cleanup "Previous Windows Installations" which will delete the several GB large folder.

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