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Can any of you Pro's tell me if and when we get product key when Win 7 is purchased, are we gona have to rebuild computer, or will we be able to just enter purchased product key and go from there :?

It has been rumored and written in articles that you can upgrade in place from RC to the final version (GA).I haven't done it so I can not confirm it. However...

A: You will still need a qualifying OS to use upgrade media (Vista, Xp what have you) which is cheaper.

B: You will find that most people will recommend that you clean install anyway... it's that much better.


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Thanks, textureDnB,,,,,,,was hopeing they would make going from RC to GA fairly simple.. Things are working so good on my machine that I just hate changing anything.

Just remember I can't confirm that it works, I'm pretty sure I can find you articles that read windows 7 is free forever doesn't mean MS gonna send one in the mail.

The good news is that all you can lose if it fails is the Windows 7 installation that you had to nuke anyway.

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