Well after using the RC for a while i actually went to the Samsung website where i am allowed to have a FREE UPGRADE to windows 7 because i bought this notebook in September of this year.

I went through the process of ordering and it told me i would be charged £17 for shipping. Now nowhere on the website did it say i would be charged this or in my documentation that i got with the notebook, and as far as i am concerned i have already paid for the bloody thing when i handed over my cash for the notebook.

Even if i am willing to pay the £17, which i am not, the only way i can do it is with a credit card, which i dont have, so i am screwed anyway.

I was told by a samsung rep that it is a shipping charge, where the hell is this coming from.

What a rip off, i will never buy a new machine just before an OS launch again and never a Samsung.

Anyway rant over and i am so pleased i never sold my Macbook, the samsung is going to be given to the daughter.

Screw windows machines, i have had enough.


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I think you better change your avatar then.

this is ethically dubious and I would be upset about it , my next step would be to talk to Microsoft who have after all made a deal with builders such as Samsung in order to sell their operating system.

I totally agree that you entered the deal having been told you would be entitled to a "FREE" upgrade and that to now be told there is a charge is false advertising, maybe Microsoft can provide a solution as I'm sure they realize this will produce more bad press ??


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I see:)

Just been on the phone to microsoft about this problem and they told me that the windows 7 upgrade program was nothing to do with them and i should contact samsung.
For gods sake round and round we go.

What amazing brilliant customer support from both of them. They have my money for the new notebook so i guess i cant do anything.

No wonder people just use patches and cracks for ms software, as it seems to be the easiest way.

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