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Hi, looking for some advice. I have a Retail version of windows 7 Home Premium which I've been running as 32 bit for some time now and have decided to upgrade my system and want at the same time to change to 64 bit, my questions are, can I reinstal from the same disk and select 64 bit and will I be able to backup my data in 32 bit and load it on to the 64 bit installation. Hope this is clear enough to get your advice, regards, Jack.

I dunno if you can transfure the Product key to a new compter, With the OEM keys you can't but retail you may. You cannont upgrade a 32bit OS to a 64bit OS, all retail versions of windows 7 contain both a 32 and a 64 bit OS. You'll have to reinstall windows 7 with the 64 bit OS disc, use a external hard drive to back up everything on. and copy all this to Windows 7 when installed. Remember to format the hard disk.

If you put this windows onto the new computer you won't beable to use your other computer, you'll have to buy a new Version of windows for it.

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Thanks for your imput. I fully understand that I can't instal 64 bit over 32 bit and that it would be a full installation, the part I was querying was whether I can use the same product key for the 64 bit as the 32 bit, regards, Jack.

You can use the same Product key for the 64bit version if you are installing on the same computer as the 32bit. Thin Clients

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With the retail version I think you can change. You may have to call MS on phone to activate. This can only be used on one computer at a time. I think there may be some number of activations allowed.


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Thanks for your replies, it will be on a new computer but it will only be installed on one machine as the one it's on at the moment I will revert to XP, Jack.

Adobe Acrobat X Standard License Key activates both the 32 and 64-bit versions of this software. This key is a genuine Adobe product. Once activated, the key can only be used on one computer, but re-installation is allowed.


Since you are talking Full Retail Box version...

There are 2 discs, 32 & 64. Same key for both is used to install one or the other in 1 machine. 1 @ a time. Ergo, you are fime. Dump the x86, install the x64, instead w/ the key you have.


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