Upgrading from MS Office 2010 Beta to Office Home & Business 2010


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I have been using MS Office 2010 Beta for several months on my main PC and a laptop, As I have been very pleased with this I have purchased a full version of Office Home & Business 2010 (retail pack, with DVD).

It seems that I have to delete the Beta version before I can install the full version. Can some one confirm this. I have both computers setup just as I want them and don't really want to loose all my settings and the contacts that have all been mannually added. My diary also is very importand and the copies of all my emails. Any recomondations form someone who has aready done this. I am using MS Windows7 on both computers and these are on a Lan network. The Retail version does allow for two downloads PC + Laptop.

I did not install Access or Publisher 2010 when I origionally installed the Beta version so no problem there.

Sorry to burst your bubble here sir, but you will most definitely have to uninstall the Beta before you can install the RTM version of Office 2010.

I may be wrong here, but I think during the uninstall process it asks if you want to keep the settings, I can't remember because it's been a few months for me.

I know it's a P.I.T.A.! However, it's necessary in order to install the full retail version.

Just grab a can of pop or a cold beer and relax and before ya know it, you'll be all setup and back the way you were.

~ Nibs


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Hi Nibbs,

Many thanks, I had a feeling that this would be the case. I hope during the uninstall process it asks me about keeping my settings, I have a number of email accounts some usinh IMAP and others on POP3, so much work if I lose all this. Perhaps somelone else has done this and can advised me with some tips/advice.

Many thanks


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You should be able to export most of your settings and import after the change. You might also be able to copy the folders used by Office and then replace the new ones or just move the contents. You can find the folders that might be recovered if you check the paths in something like word to see where it is saving the files. You can use the export option in Outlook.

If you would have purchased the full version of office, you could have probably just inserted the key and continued on. I beleive I did this with 2007. But since the Beta is the full version and you have a lesser version it seems logical you would have to delete the beta. I cannot remember if there is some special tool to remove all of it, but you might check.


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Hi Saltgrass, Many thanks for your input, you have given me some good advice. I think I will try doing my laptop first, perhaps after this it will be easier on my PC. I will try backing up the folders just in case the backups dont work.

I will report back how things went.

Upgrade to full version from Beta

Migration of data

Depending on how you chose to install the 2010 beta, the non-functional software may be removed from your computer by using the Programs and Features option from within the Control Panel. If you had selected ‘Upgrade to Office 2010 Beta directly’ instead of ‘Customize’ to set the beta to co-exist with your original Microsoft Office version during the download process, you will need to manually reinstall your previous version of Office to resume your original setup. You may also choose to download a new trial or purchase the full version of Office 2010.

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