Upgrading from RC to Full version?

I will likely be running the RC until Windows 7 releases the full version. Will i be able to upgrade from the RC to the full version and not have to do a fresh install?

You can only do a full install wiping out all your files. You can't do a direct update.

You need an unused copy of Windows Vista (XP will probably also count) to qualify for upgrade pricing.

Once you own Windows 7, you can perform an in-place upgrade from RC to RTM using Microsoft's unrecommended workaround.


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When you get win 7 RC 7100 it gives you the choice of installing as an upgrade which save your settings or install as a new clean instal. I thought and hoped that the actual final release would be the same

we may have been a tid bit too helpful to the Win 7 team by using the RC at present I too fell victim to that and now an attempt to save all files to disk and reinstall vista is being made to prepare for the actual "upgrade edition"
My thoughts are they could just put a flash screen up to insert your "valid product code" upon install because really its not an upgrade the Win 7 version is going to rip out Vista anyway. They could at least support the people who have supported them and their RC in attempt to run from Vista "the reason Win 7 is being pushed"
I dunno but they aint too bright at Microsoft

make sure you partition the Win 7 RC on the right not on the left meaning if you partition the RC to the left your not going to be able to get rid of it Vista Xp and Windows 7 will only extend volumes to the RIGHT SIDE!

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