upgrading from rc1 to diffrent higher build

Were besides bit torrent may I obtain the latest and greatest without p2p?

Nowhere.. ;) The only officially released builds are the Beta (Build 7000) and the RC (Build 7100).. Every other build has been leaked.. They were never supposed to be released to the general public.. ;)

Ed Dixon

Senior Member
If MS wanted to stop them from leaking, they would. Its like in the US White House, an unnofficial way to get feedback on something.


True.. I still say they're leaking them themselves.. There's no doubt a department (which could easily consist of 1 or 2 employees) deep inside the bowels of Microsoft that is devoted to Torrents/P2P activity.. ;) Might sound stupid but it doesn't sound near as stupid as it would have 10-15 years ago..

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