Upgrading from W7 Ultimate x86 to x64

Hey guys,

I'm planning to upgrade to x64 as right now i have 4gb ram, and 1.7gb graphics memory,

as you can guess the x84 limits are pretty severely bottlenecking my computer's performance, I can run crysis on another pc w/ x64 on full graphics fine (other pc has similar specs), but it barely runs on my pc at all.

So I have the x64 disc and everything, if i choose the upgrade option when i insert it, will it just upgrade the OS and leave my programs and documents alone? (I have the Adobe Master Suite and all, it'd be a pain to have to reinstall it all)


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IF you have an Upgrade disc, rather than a Full Version, please come back & I will tell you how to do the above w/ it.
Drew is of course saying that he can help you with how to make a new clean installation of Win7 x64 when you only have an upgrade disk - it will still not be an in-place upgrade (to avoid any possible misunderstanding).

That said, I recommend everyone to consider making the full upgrade to x64 at this point of time. I have done five painless upgrades from x84 XP to x64 Win7 so far.

Good luck!

So an x84 OS cannot be upgraded to x64? I'll have to reformat and start fresh on x64?

Yes. You will have to reformat and start fresh if you change to x64.

okay, also, would it be possible to export parts of my registry from x84, then import it into x64?
if it is, then i could just copy a lot of my programs from Program Files rather than having to install all over again. thanks for the help btw

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