Upgrading Motherboard- Vista Home Premium OEM Issues

Hey everyone. I am new here and this is my first post. I have a Vista Home Premium OEM DVD purchased online. I have this installed on my current system. I am RMA'ing my current motherboard to newegg and am trading it in for a better motherboard. From past experience, I know when I do this, windows will not boot and i will basically have to reformat my harddrive and do a fresh install of vista.

However, when i install vista, it will tell me the version of windows i am using is "already registered" to another pc - the one that is no longer in existance. All the components in my system are the same, except the motherboard. Is there any way I can do this?




go ahead and install, call microsoft, explain, they will give you a new number


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Hi, How old is your Vista Home Premium ? Are you still under warranty ? I can't do anything without the manufacturers approval or it will nullify my warranty. I have a DVD Player too. I'm going to have a computer repair tech look at my machine, at my first convenience. I don't understand the manufacturer a lot on certain topics that are driver related, something is off-beat. I'll share anything I get, how about you? Sincerely, Celestra:)


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I completely agree with Kjanx. As you probably know OEM licences are tied to one machine and any major upgrades (a mother board is considered major although your allowed to change the CPU once without any problems) will negate the licence and a new one will need to be sought from Microsoft. As Kjanx rightly says though, all you need to do is ring the Tech' at Microsoft and explain the situation. As long as the copy of Vista isn't on more than one machine they couldn't care less!

I've already done it. First time was with a MSI MoBo that my video cards didn't like. The Second time was when I RMAed my ASUS to newegg and all I had to do was call Microshaft. And like kjanx said tell 'em what you done. Takes about 10 - 15 min. And your done :D



Is that failproof?

I am looking at swapping motherboards and possibly switching back to Intel (I'm currently running a dual-core Athlon 64 X2), and I would like not to have to purchase a second copy of Vista Home Premium if I don't have to.

Apart from the MB, CPU and the memory, no other component would be changed for the reinstallation, and that's only if I decide to switch back to an Intel processor. If I stay with AMD, only the MB will be changed out initially; the CPU and memory will be upgraded later.


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You can only try.. but I have it on good authority that the above is true

I built my new machine with Vista OEM too which i bought brand new and factory sealed. If for some reason i have to reinstall Vista OEM after a problem like a virus or whatever or a significant hardware change, if i am the legitimate owner of that licence will i still be able to install Vista and activate it with no hassle??

The only reason i bought OEM was the cost as compared to the full or upgrade versions it was a lot less.


Hi philwhite

You should be able to install & activate that OEM version without any bother.
I bought an 64bit version of vista home premium (for about £60)and installed it. I had a problem and had to reinstall it about a week later. I did this with no problem, activated it once again and then upgraded to ultimate with a licence I already had for 32bit. No problems at all!!!


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I've just replaced my mobo which normally negates my OEM licence. I tried to activate it online and was told this copy of vista was being used by two machines. I was then given a number of options, one of which was phoning the activation through. I then proceeded to do this and activation was successful...:D:D:D

Been there done that......at least 10 times :D Without a hitch. :cool:

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