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Hello all. i've not visited this forum in awhile. Glad to be back. I am upgrading my PC. New Mobo, Proc, Memory, Power Supply. I have a registered copy of Win& Professional installed (Upgrade Addition). Will i be able to install this on my new system if i use my old XP first? Would it be more advisable to install a fresh Install of Win7...whatever flavor? Have not installed new components; waiting for replies. Thanks folks...:redface:Cheers and Beers all the way!


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You can either install as an upgrade to your XP or use the well documented technique for running a clean full install directly from and upgrade package. Either way you'll end up with a fresh clean version of Win 7. I'd personally do the clean install direct from the upgrade disk.

Right on. Forget XP. You can't upgrade from that to 7, without installing Vista in the middle of all that.

Agree with Pat about clean install.


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Pat, Torrent, I thank both of you for your swift reply. I agree with both of you that a clean install is the way to go. i just wasn't sure if i could do it using an upgrade version. I'll be moving some of my files from the about to crash HD to a thumb drive. If i've the time this Saturday i'll do some tinkering. Thanks much for the response. Back to my beer and cheese for the evening. thanks again.

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