upgrading to rtm (ultimate) which one to buy

Hi everyone i was randomly searching the web and came upon this web page :

How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release) :: the How-To Geek

The final version of Windows 7 was released yesterday for MS Technet subscribers, but you can’t upgrade directly from a pre-release version—at least, not without a quick and easy workaround, and we’ve got you covered.
confirming that i can upgrade from rc1 to rtm ultimate

However it doesn't tell me if what version to buy windows 7 ultimate upgrade
or windows 7 ultimate full

i went to pc world and they had no idea what they were talking about

they told me that i cannot upgrade from the rc1 - but i obviously can
they then said that i need the upgrade version to upgrade to the rtm from vista - BUT IM NOT ON VISTA - im on rc1 they asked me what the rc1 is

but i don't trust them, i trust random people that i haven't even met on a forum better than i trust them

SO should i get the full version or the upgrade version, if im upgrading from the release candidate

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in order to use upgrade media you need a qualifying OS ---Xp or Vista. The consensus is that this qualifying OS need not be activated just present, but in recent months there has been some discord on this but nothing confirmed.

As far as upgrading in place from RC to RTM it turns out that it is POSSIBLE but not recommended which is a departure from the orignial position that such an upgrade in place would be impossible.

So where this leaves you is that to upgrade in place from RC to RTM you have to be running a dual boot setup so that the installer can verify a working installation of Vista or Xp then you can point it to install via upgrade in place on the partition containing the RC.

Finally never trust PCWorld if they are anything like Best Buy your much better off with random strangers from the internet.

Thanks for the quick reply

So i have windows 7 on my C: drive (main)

and on my second drive i have some backups on my d:drive

I'll install xp on my 3rd drive

then buy windows 7 ultimate upgrade

do the hack etc

and click upgrade

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