Upgrading to Windows 7 made easy with disk2vhd

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by xpmore, Apr 26, 2010.

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    A few weeks ago I replaced my work PC with a new one running Windows 7. Recreating my work environment was annoying and took days, trying to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

    Today I found out about a tool called disk2vhd, from the great Sysinternals. The tool can create a virtual disk from a live system. The virtual disk can then be used when running a Windows 7 virtual machine. This way, you can effectively keep your old PC even when it is gone. And I'm not talking about the files only - it remains a live system!

    So, if you're about to upgrade:
    1. Get disk2vhd
    2. Create vhd files out of your existing PC's drives
    3. Move the vhd's to the new Windows 7 PC
    4. Create a new virtual machine, and set it to use the vhd's
    5. Run the new VM, and you'll have your old PC at hand within your new one!
    You still have to recreate you environment this way, but it eliminates the pressure of loosing the old one.

    And finally, if this gets you to start using the great Windows 7 Virtual PC feature, get XP-More to help you manage your virtual machines! ;)
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    My thread about making a windows 8.1 machine migrate to VHD files was banned.

    So have you succed with the 2VHD by yourself or just read about it?

    Arent there a maximal size of that conversion?

    "If you'll be using Windows Virtual PC, keep in mind that it supports a maximum virtual disk size of 127GB"

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