Upgrading Vista 32-bit to 7 64-bit on a new computer.

Hello I am new to the forum and I really joined to post this question; although looking around the forum I think this may be an invaluable source of information.

Anyway my question is this, I am purchasing a new computer that is not going to have an Operating System, and purchase the upgrade version of 64-bit 7 to save a bit of money, because that way I can get a more powerful processor; this computer comes with a Hard drive and I would obviously use my old two HDs and put them into the new computer, along with the old one, giving me 1.5TB of HD space for the price of one 500GB HD. Now obviously my old HD has a installed version of Vista 32-Bit on it, so if I was to transfer that into the new computer, then put the Upgrade onto the new, empty HD would that successfully work? And would I be able to remove Vista once the upgrade is completed to avoid that irritating Dual-Boot system and to give me a some exta HD space.



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Neat how Ted & I so often think alike, lol. Yep, keep it simple, clean install 7 & you can blow the Vista away after accessing whatever data you may want from there. Clean is the ideal way to go.



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The Clean Install from upgrade media will give a pristeen install of Win 7 without having to go through the process of installing Vista first. What a waste of time that would be. Forgetaboutit! I have used this method and it works very well.

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