Upgrading Windows 32 to 64

My machine (a very powerful 64bit one) wouldnt let me update from XP Professional to Windows 7 64 bit, but would allow me to update (clean install) to 32 bit. Now 32 is in can I upgrade to 64?

You should do a clean install of 7 x64.

Windows transfer to save profiles ans folders , clean install on x64 and then transfer back.


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I agree...backup your stuff and do a clean install of x64.

i have a doubt... i have got a new laptop...
i5-second generation..
6 gb ram
1 gb graphics card

the vendor game me orginal win7 oem win home basic 7 sp1 32 bit os...

he installed the same in my laptop...

but i need win7 64 bit for my computations...

can i reformat my drive and use the same win 7 32 bit key for the activation....

Thanks in advance...


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You HAVE to do a clean install to change bitness. When you do the clean install a folder will be created in the root drive called windows.old. This contains the entire old OS (in your case Win 7 32 Bit). You can open this folder and grab all the data (pics, favs, music, etc) and move it to the new OS. You will also have to reinstall all your apps. Ensure that you have drivers for all devices in 64 Bit. (Win 7 does a great job of containing drivers for most devices).

Correct, must be clean, "Custom Install" if & when changing platform from x86 to x64.


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