Upgrading Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate Help

Hello i just wanted to ask one simple question, and that is, " How can i upgrade windows 7 home premium to windwos 7 ultimate without losing any data, programs, movies, music and documents on my hard drive?" when i boot from cd and install, does it keep everything? Hope it will be a simple answer. Thank you.


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As far as I understand, you should be able to do the upgrade with any Windows 7 Ultimate discs, provided they are legitimate and unique. All in all, it shouldn't be a problem BUT I would recommend that you copy your files on DVDs or a separate / external disk - you can never be too careful in these matters. Once lost is forever lost, is the rough rule. I would be glad to see you avoid it. :)


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I think the only way to upgrade from one version of Windows 7 to another is by using the Windows Anytime Upgrade.

I don't know what the procedures are for reinstalling AFTER you have an updated system, but you might want to check to see if it might be a hassle and easier to just purchase a new copy of Windows.

Well i dont have an external hard drive to back everything up (i have about 600gb worth of stuff) and i dont want to buy anytime upgrade because my friend gave windwos 7 ultimate disc so i was just wondering.

Nvm i used Anytime Upgrade and upgraded to Ultimate. Thanks.


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Hooray! :)

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