upgrating from XP to WIN 7 ultimate 64; freezes during instalation


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I got the upgrade ultimate win 7; i am upgrading to 64 bit from xp pro 32; as directed i am going with the clean install; my system is already partitioned; at first i jus loaded the disc and change my start up to boot from disk and it would freeze at expanding files tried 3 times and all froze at different %’s; after reading a few blogs i disconnected all usb's, multi card reader, all other disc drives and only kept the one running this disk; took out my 2x1GB RAM and left the 2x2GB to only run one channel; i did leave my usb mouse (Logitech MX revolution) and had to connect my key board for a sec when I had to tell it to start win normally since I interrupted boot, but disconnected again; after all this the upgrade seemed to be going awesome i selected my the partition with XP already to wipe out (150GB) and went all the way to completing installation and it froze! so i restarted after 1 hr of waiting and let it run all the way to booting from HDD and error came up saying “installation not complete, restart to complete”.. but it just keep coming up, so i started from scratch and now i froze again at expanding files..FRUSTRATING!

Please help me with any suggestions.

Thank you very much


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Try boot to the Win 7 disk partition screen and use it to format partition the drive. You can select drive and delete it then select again create partition or click next.
any other partitions on this drive?


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Right on the money!!!
I didn't see a post before i left work so figure i just format the partition; I tried that and it worked!! i ran it to start from disc again; went thru the motions, i got to the part where you choose where to install it and i noticed that it took away even more GB over the already used space, so it didn't look like it wiped out XP and my files it just tried to added over and above; so using the tools at the bottom of the window, i used one (forgot the name) that expands and you can see format, so selected format and wiped it clean, then selceted that new clean system partition and ran the custom install and wala! im running! today i will finish installing all my RAM and peripherals as well as my programs.

Thank you for the suggestion, you were right on!

I hope this helps some other people.



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Good to hear that. I think 7 needed to create the mbr.
There is a possibility you wouldn't have had to unhook all the other stuff cause only a few get that problem. I don't unhook anything on my 64 bit


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Bad news!!!
I shut it all down and disconnected the power cord; grounded myself and reinstalled all the stuff i removed; went to reboot and NOTHING! darn it NOTHING! no signal to the monitor and i don’t know if i am hearing things but i think the fan of the GPU is extra loud, it would usually at initial boot run loud but a few secs later it tunes down; right now it sounds like the GPU fan is running super loud;
I backed my steps one by one removing one thing at the time event the RAM sticks and used one at the time; removed the GPU and moved over to the other PCI slot and nothing,
I have no clue on what this could be; RAM, GPU, MOBO, CPU?????
there is no beeping of any king, MOBO has the green light on, everything gets power..
I even tried cliking the motions to start it with out a screen to see if i could hear the win 7 starting sound, but nothing..

Please help with any solutions.

Could this be a problem with the monitor itself? When you start your pc and hit 'del', can you see bios setup?


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No bios set up or nothing; monitor works and powers good, it just displays "no signal" and goes to orange standby mode; GPU seems to be running pretty hard

Could be worth trying a different port, vga, dvi, dsub. If it still shows 'no signal', then it must be the video card then. Hard to say, would be perfect to try a different monitor as well. (lol)

Edit: some monitors require manual switching to the port connected.

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ground strap, the man is a geek
bumped something loose on the mobo be my guess and that is no mans land except the extra geeky like myself
You have internet apparently cause you replying, go look up the mobo manual and look very closely through everything. Prepare to become a geek cause it is not for the light hearted and requires some reading, sometimes 2-3 times to fully understand. check each power connector on everything

don't say monitor :(, lost my 4 year old $500 23 wide this morning and now back to 22"


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Sorry for you loss Veggetx :( ....LMBO no ground strap!..i just ake sure i touch the metal case from the outside before opening it to get rid of any static :) i do have internet at work and other PC's at home but mine is my favorite, i built it it! so it's my pride (not to proud right now) the "screen" is a HD 1080p 24" gateway, no maul switching, it switches when a signal is received; i connected something else to it and she works; MOBO has no VGA, GPU has 2 DVI's and i have tried them both, new cable and even switched to the other PCIe in the MOBO just iin case that one is out; i have read thru the MOBO book and the only thing it says i can do when locked is to jump it but after that i have load the BIOS again, i dont know much about BIOS yet, but with out a screen i cant do squat :( so i may have to take to a repair place to test my components to see what is bad; i dont have any extras to test out...im in the dark.

I backed my steps one by one removing one thing at the time event the RAM sticks and used one at the time; removed the GPU and moved over to the other PCI slot and nothing,
Just a guess, but instead of doing what you did in the above quote (in bold) try doing what you did in your first post by removing everything and then putting them back one at a time, till you find the culprit.
Maybe when you put things back something didn't seat right.
I had a similar issue with this build a while back and it turned out to be a new video card gone bad.

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