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I can no longer upload files to the internet. When I try to Internet Explorer 9 crashes and restarts. The same thing happens when I right click on a picture on the internet and try to save it to my computer. The only changes to my computer was I upgraded the Norton Anti Virus software. Anyone have any suggestions how to fix this. I've reinstalled IE9 and same thing. I tried reinstalling Norton and same thing. Please help!


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Hi John Snyder Jr and Welcome to The Forum.

Did this start after upgrading the Norton set up?

I'd suggest downloading the Norton Removal Tool. Then uninstall Norton through the Control Panel. Boot to Safe Mode and run the downloaded Norton Removal Tool to clear any remnants.

Reboot to normal mode and re-install Norton. See if the problem persists. It may be worth trying to download any random image before reinstalling Norton to see if it will work correctly then.


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Well I'm repeating myself, I just posted this in another post.

My recommendation is that you uninstall Norton as Elmer said using the removal tool.

Then don't re-install it.

Go with MSE and Malwarebytes, you will have a lot less problems, and your computer will run a lot better. I could use Norton for free, it comes with my ISP but I'm a lot happier without it.

I don't use anything but Microsoft Security Essentials and Malware bytes and I truly can't remember the last time I had a malware problem.

Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO removes malware including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans, plus it protects your computer

You only need the free version.


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Well, did exactly what you said to do in the order you suggested. Still have same problem. Norton is gone completely but problem is still there :(


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Hi again.

Try installing Google Chrome and see if your have the same problems with it.

If you don't then it kind of isolates this to Internet Explorer.

You might fine that you like Chrome better then IE anyway.
Everyone that I know uses it including myself.

But at least it will tell us it this relates to IE or your connection setting some how.

Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux

This may still have something to do with changes that Norton made when it was installed.
Go into control panel and open Windows Firewall, there is a button to Restore Defaults try that.

Go into your Internet Options and make sure that you Lan setting are still set to Automatically detect settings.
Some programs change this which can cause the kind of thing you are seeing.


I am now able to upload pictures to SmugMug but not Facebook. I can't download and save a image from the internet. Chrome and Firefox do the same thing IE does. I uninstalled IE9 and went back to 8. I thought it might be a Facebook problem but I don't think so. I really to be honest have no idea now where the problem is. I put the same version of Norton from the same CD on my laptop and everything works fine on there.

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