Uprade Pack on a new SSD

Hello, I have bought the upgrade instalation disc for Windows 7 as I am currently running XP. When I was looking into Windows 7 I was advised that it is best run on an SSD, so I bought one of those too. I am currently using a laptop because I ordered a new PSU too for the new GPU I bought so my computer is currently off awaiting my new parts to arrive today..
My question is, will I have to keep my old HDD in the computer in order to install Windows 7 as it's the upgrade package?...I'd really like to just remove it and start the instalation fresh on my SSD oherwise I assume that I would have to transfer Windows 7 over to the SSD after, then turn off the computer and remove the old HDD, which is a bit of a pain. I don't want the old drive in there beause of the added heat and power consumption.
And honestly I have no idea how to transfer Windows 7 from the HDD to he SSD. Can anyone help?...thanks.


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well if its an upgrade edition, why not just install XP to the SSD after removing the old HD, then performing the upgrade?

Also the power and heat from a hard drive is quite low unless it's a 10,000 rpm type, usually the GPU and CPU are the big juice users, after those everything else is next to nothing.

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To do that I would have o have the product key and I don't have that because I bought my computer with XP pre-installed. I have a sticker on the side that has a code but that dosen't seem to be the same thing because when I updated my BIOS with a new driver it seems to have wiped something in the process and if I enter that number it dosen't work, gives me a phone number to call which then asks me for another code I don't have. Stress. By the way I can assure you that all my software is completely legal, I promise.

Thank you SO much, I hope that will help as I'm going grey with stress!.


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Also if you have issues with the registration, try the option to talk to live operator at microsoft's call centre, I've had to do that occasionally when repair installing friends PC and they are very helpful.

Thank you too, knowing me I will probably need to do that too!

So can I just check what I'm doing before I start please.

Take out old HDD
Put in new SDD
Turn on computer with cd in drive
Follow instalation instructions
when it asks for my key, follow rearm instructions, turn off, turn on, enter key?...

If so I assume I must have access to the start menu within windows seven in order to follow the rearm process. Is that right or have I completely misunderstood?. Thanks.

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