Windows 7 Upside-down webcam problem


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May 14, 2009
I've installed Win7 RC on my Asus N50Vn notebook, and it runs awesome. Most of the 64-bit Vista drivers work just fine, but I'm having a problem with my webcam. I've installed both the driver software and the proprietary Asus LifeFrame application that came with the laptop by downloading from Asus' support site. Everything runs fine, except my camera is upside-down.

I've tinkered with all the settings, both through LifeFrame and the Win7 control panel, but I can't find a way to fix it. There's one tab that deals with camera orientation (which appears to give the option to flip/rotate the cam), but all the sliders are greyed out and I can't manipulate them.

Anyone else had this problem and/or know how to fix it?
same! i have the asusn50vc and..

the same thing is happening
can anyone out there please help us!
even PM me
[email protected]

ive tried everything
drivers,lifefram & windows 7 settings!
up to date driver?

Really all you can do is look on there website and look for an up to date driver and that goes to any hardware really as windows 7's new

OR try email them and see what they say :)

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I had the same problem on my N50vn, but fixed it. In the device manager i tryed to update the driver and requested to search in a specific lecation on my laptop. I downloaded from ASUS website:

Chicony_CNF7246 Camera Driver for Vista 64 bit V061.005.200.240 2009/05/13

The driver was updated and the video is displayed properly now. I also had problems with the fingerprint device, but I downloaded some other drivers and everything works fine now!

Hope this helps,

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