Urgent help. Annoying connect problem. Sony Vaio, Linksys, windows 7

Alright Let me try to explain this the best I can and hope to hell someone can help me and my friends. This is sooo annoying its insane.

Already simple explain is. We are at one of my friends out ( 5 PPL ) and we all try to connect to his internet. We have 2 Sony Vaio with Vista no problems, We have an HP with Windows 7 no problems, We have a Toshiba with Vista no problems. But when my friend with his Sony Vaio with Windows 7 connects to our linksys router. It kicks everyone of us off the internet and his will not worth either.

We called Sony and they said it was linksys problem not theirs. We called Linksys and they told us to go buy an ethernet cord and use it. We did Still kicks everyone off and wont let him online.

Right when he connects everything will work fine for about 10 secs. Then we all lose connection. Any ideas?

any help would be really appreciated actually greatly appreciated

Try disabling Upnp in the router. Go to -> Administration -> Disable Upnp.

[langtitle=es]Re: Urgent help. Annoying connect problem. Sony Vaio, Linksys, windows 7[/langtitle]

[lang=es]Hola, yo tengo el mismo problema, mi hermano tenia una netbook sony con windows 7, y hacia lo mismo, ya sea por WiFi o por LAN, le instale win xp y se soluciono, yo me compre hace poco una sony vaio z, y en el router linksys de mi casa hace lo mismo, y aca en el depto, tengo un d-link y cada vez que la conecto, desconecta por 2 segundos a las otras maquinas pero se normaliza enseguida,,, pudiste solucionar tu problema??[/lang]

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