Urgent help required from Australia


Thanks for dropping in to give me a helping hand. I have a son who is crazy about starcraft 2 and COD spending way to much time gaming. As a would be responsible parent I decided to limit his gaming time by setting up time limits through parental controls in windows 7 ultimate. After switching this feature on I cannot access any 'standard' user accounts Ive attempted the following:

Switching parental controls off
Reverting to a new restore point
deleting the kids user accounts
creating a new standard user accounts

But still I cannot access any standard user account when i try to log in I get the usual 'welcome' but then it automatically goes to 'logging off' after trying to log into the account. This has become one of those frustrating hair pulling moments that ive often felt before as a long term Windows user..................

Has anyone got any ideas or solutions that may help me? Ive scoured google and noticed a few other users have had the same problem but have yet to find a solution!

Any help or guidance truely appreciated

Sincerely Lou

So you set parental controls to restrict when a specific user can log on, and now, after disabling these settings, you cannot access any Standard user account, at whatever time? But you can access an administrator account?

Gidday Jack :razz:

Thats 'spot on' If I attempt to log into a standard or guest account @ anytime it automatically logs be straight out again as described above!

In the short term I have just set all accounts as Administrator accounts which i can access without an issue.

BUT as your aware this is definately not ideal!

I cant work out why this problem is occuring???????? Am totally dumfounded by it!

If you or anyone else could help out! that would really be apprectated!

Regards Lou


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Hi Lou2u

Have you tried to create a new standard user account and check if you have the same issue or not, also try closing down your security software (do this off line if your more comfortable with it)

Hey Ciara,

Yes have attempted to create new accounts without success am running Microsoft security essentials, zonelarm, and advanced sytem optimiser system protector - should all these security programs be switched off? Do I do this through the startup section of task manager? reboot then try and create a standard account?

Regards Lou


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Yes give it a try and do you use UAC ?, just turn it off when you try to make a new account.


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Try turning off the Parental Control Service.

Type Services.msc in the start box or RUN
Scroll down and double click Parental Control
Select Disabled in Startup type
Ok and reboot. .

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