Urgent request: Windows Media Center controls gone!


I have 2 questions, please help me. I've installed the 64bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.
Everything works perfectly fine, but there is 1 thing: After watching a few minutes T.V. in Windows Media Center,
the controls for shifting channels are gone. Here is a screenshot:


You see, there should be "+" and "-" left of the "Stop" Button to change channels. They were there, but no they are gone. I've googled this, I've searched options, please, I need help. How can I make those controls come back? I'm sure this can't be a bug or something...

ANd question number 2, maybe easier to solve: Per default, the Media Center windows is a 16:9 format. How can I make this a 4:3 format? Managed it in Vista (somehow through coincidence)?

Please, I need help :(

Answer to question #1


Question number 1 is answered- for some stupid, stupid reason these controls do only appear in fullscreen mode, not if the Media Center windows is smaller. Stupid. This wasn't the case in the Vista Media Center.

Question number 2 also answered: Hold down CTRL and drag the windows bigger/smaller.

Sorry pals, didn't want to bother you with my whining!!!

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