I have win vista. I have no drivers. I can't down load the drivers because I don't have the driver to access the internet. I need the atheros 1525 driver for windows vista 64bit. A stupid answer I don't want is how bout you get driver booster. If you think I should, remind your stupid self that I have NO internet so the program would do nothing. I want the direct installer for WINDOWS VISTA!!!


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I always love people who claim to have no internet connection but yet, are posting threads to an internet site.
Perhaps you could use, whatever device you are currently on, to download the file you need and then copy it / save it / burn it to....
A CD, a DVD, a USB thumb drive or an SD card.
Just my "stupid self" reminding your ever so clever self.

Have you thought that maybe I have an ipad and I'm not some retard or liar.


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Nope..... never entered my mind.

If I could download files on to ipad then shove an sd card in the lightning port, I would. And to avoid another pointless post:I JUST NEED A DAMN LINK!!!!!!!!!


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Not sure why they don''t just get chrome for ipad download the file, Install itunes off the cd they must have. Transfer the file to the pc using it and install the driver. Or if thats not possible get a device worth a damn that you can use to transfer files to a pc without resorting to being insulting before anyone had even tried to help.

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