Windows 7 URNQQELO.DLL --- does anyone have it? i deleted mine accidentaly.


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Mar 1, 2009
hey guys, i need help! my URNQQELO.dll is now missing since AVG found it as threat. so me, not knowing what it is, agreed to deletion. so there, everytime i open up my computer, it pops up.

There was a problem starting C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\urnqqelo.dll
The specified module cannot be found.

since we are all windows 7 users here, maybe you can help me out?
i'm sure you have the file as well. so please =D
No such file on my installation. Do you know what program it is associated with?
I suggest you look in Msconfig - startup tab, and see if you can find the startup item causing the problem, and untick it. If you have difficulty, post a screeshot of the <TAB and someone here will help you.
Hi there
Most AV software is 100% Total DOG POO / JUNK etc.
What makes it even worse is how people treat reports as "Gospel" and delete critical system files just because some AV program reports a file as a "Virus" or "Trojan".

Deletion of critical system files because a stupid AV program labels a legitiate file as a virus ("false Positive") in my experience causes more problems than actually having NO AV program at all.

If you are careful what you download and use the protection and logs that your ROUTER has in its hardware then just junk all your AV software -- your computer will run much snappier in any case.

In this case you might have been lucky but don't willy nilly delete a file just becaue its been flagged as a "virus".
Know exactly what you are doing if you start messing around with Windows Kernel files.

Note as I've pointed out before -- any self respecting "Hacker" would attack the AV software itself or attempt things like DoS attacks. Just "grawnching up" people's hard drives is amateur stuff which any real "hacker" can't be bothered with any more -- and there's also no point in trying to steal Bank accounts from 13 year olds or "impecunious students".

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hey jimbo, thanks for the tip. yeah, it seemed unusual to me, glad i was getting feedback in this forum =D
Not very important to your problem, but you have no beed to run the Jaa ot the Adibe arobat tags. They are both available on demand.. Little more speed and rem to your system!
For the education and info of other members, can you briefly say how you removed it fom your startup?
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