USB autoplay dialog

When I plug in my USB drive, Windows 7 looks for photos and videos. There are none on the drive and I don't want it to ask me for this each time. I have right clicked on the drive and chosen autoplay, but there is no option for telling Windows to open the folders for viewing automatically at plug-in. Any solutions? Thanks!

Thanks for that, but I don't want to turn off autoplay. I would prefer to direct Windows to open folders when I plug in the USB drive instead of scanning for photos and videos which it is doing by default. Again, autoplay options don't include opening folders by default as an option in this case and I'm wondering if there is a way to do it anyway.

When I put in a usb drive it doesn't automatically scan for anything. It gives me a menu with options to open folders to view files, use as backup or use for readyboost.

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