# USB Bug Code Driver BSOD - Help please

About to pull my hair out. My son and I have identical systems. His I have been fighting this last year with BSOD from USB Bug Code Drivers. Mine has not had any problems at all. On his - I have reinstalled Windows 7 a couple of times - replaced a video card that had gone out because when I opened the case I didnt realize one of the cords got stuck in the fan of the video card when i closed it up. Even replaced a bad RAM Card recently. I had used one of those commercial driver update programs with no success. For a while it would work without crashes IF we restored the system to the point before a microsoft update "Critical update". Each nite he would go to bed, and although regular Microsoft updates were turned off - this same "critical update" would load while we were sleeping. If he tried to play without restoring to the point before this occured.. well he would not be able to play without seeing BSOD from Bug Code USB Drivers. Recently - a friend of his tried to help updating some of those same drivers the commercial program I had updated but they had not saved a restore point before doing this. Computer crashes with even more BSOD than before = all are either USB bug code driver or the screen just goes black and has to restart the computer. He is mostly experiencing this Crash when he tries to play games such as WOW or tries to have more than 4 or 5 internet pages open at once. He should be able to have multiple games and multiple internet pages open like I do on my system (which is identical in every component - execept the new video card that we installed). Please help me! I am going to attempt to add the dmp files from the lastest crashes. If these are not posted correctly please list how it should be posted and please help!

/pulls hair out

Well.. its not letting me post the dump file.. any suggestions >.>


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Re: USB Bug Code Driver BSOD - Help please

Hi Vaziera and Welcome to The Forum,

Please see http://windows7forums.com/blue-screen-death-bsod/38837-how-ask-help-bsod-problem.html.

GoTo your C:\Windows\Minidump folder. Copy the *.dmp files to a new folder on your desktop. Zip up the *.dmp files from that folder and attach to a post.

As a new member posts with attachments or links require moderation. Please be patient, usually happens sooner rather than later.

I'm also going to move you thread to the BSOD Forum where you'll get a better response to your problem.


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